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Your Hygiene partner Landed on Bengaluru

Hommlie, the hygiene solutions provider of innovative pest control and home cleaning Services, is thrilled to announce the grand opening of its regional office in Banashankari First Stage, Bengaluru and online service booking platform. The launch ceremony was marked with a traditional pooja ceremony, symbolizing prosperity and auspicious beginnings.

Convenient Online Booking:

With the introduction of the online service booking platform, customers in Bengaluru can now easily schedule pest control and home cleaning services from the comfort of their homes. The user-friendly platform offers a seamless booking experience, allowing customers to select their desired services, choose convenient appointment times, and receive instant confirmation.

Dedicated Customer Support:

Hommlie's new customer support office in Banashankari First Stage is dedicated to providing exceptional service and support to customers in Bengaluru. Staffed with knowledgeable representatives, the office serves as a hub for addressing customer inquiries, resolving issues, and ensuring a positive experience for every Hommlie customer.

Commitment to Excellence:

Hommlie's Starts into Bengaluru reflects its commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. By offering convenient online booking options and establishing a local customer support presence, Hommlie aims to enhance accessibility and streamline the service experience for customers in the region of south india

Looking Ahead for Hygiene World

With the launch of the online service booking platform and customer support office, Hommlie is poised for further success and expansion in Bengaluru and beyond. As it continues to innovate and evolve, Hommlie remains committed to providing top-notch service and making a positive impact in the lives of its customers.


Hommlie's launch of its online service booking platform and customer support office in Banashankari First Stage, Bengaluru, marks an exciting new chapter in its journey. With a focus on convenience, accessibility, and customer satisfaction, Hommlie looks forward to serving the Bengaluru community and helping customers achieve a pest-free and clean home environment.

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